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In this age of internet and online marketing, credit or debit cards have become the most convenient payment method for online consumers. We at GlobalComRCI, we provide our clients the essential local and international payment solutions that helps the business grow.

Using well-tested system, we are committed to delivering services with highest standards and practices for the security of our clients. We customize payment solutions depending on the requirements of our clients that all boils down to the convenience of the consumers.

We design systems that do not only allow the consumers to use credit or debit cards in their purchases online but cash withdrawal as well from remittance centers, banks, etc.

The flexibility of the solution is what we provide to our clients not only for convenience but also for its multi-functionality that gives the end-users various payment methods that suit their needs. Whether card payments, e-wallet, prepaid cards and vouchers, mobile payment methods, or bank transfer or remittances, each one has its own advantages. We design solution based on our clients’ needs or which type of method to be integrated into their business.

Our services certainly bring solutions for convenience and business growth.


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